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Sacred Heart Songs
by Marie S. David

How Your Spiritual Well-being
Impacts Your Physical and Emotional Health



Sacred Heart Songs
by Marie S. David

Is your body craving energy?
Are you challenged by insomnia?
Anxiety or Trauma?
Chronic pain?
Is unfinished business in your life holding you back from reaching your potential?

Share in the stories of those who have traveled similar paths and learn about the benefits of Reiki upon their well-being.  Through a unique weaving of spirit and science, Sacred Heart Songs provides clear markers along the path to safety and wellness, freeing the songs of our hearts.  Each of us has an inner wisdom, intimately woven in God’s spirit of truth.  This wisdom is waiting to guide us through disease to wellness. Contemplative reflections at the end of each chapter engage the process of dialoging with our hearts and souls as they call out to us with the truths and dreams of our lives. 


"Savor every page of this inspiring book.  Each chapter’s reflections invite
you to explore the dreams in your heart to to let them sing!”

-Nicole Sotelo, author of Women Healing from Abuse: Meditations for Finding Peace


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